Bendigo Sustainable House Day 2019

I have presented to many community groups about improving home comfort energy performance, and about broader Australian energy matters. I am happy to discuss further engagements.

Some past events:

26/8/2020 Geelong Sustainability – How to reduce the use of gas in your home

17/6/2020 Renew (online) – Space heating with heat pumps

17/12/19 Brighton VIC – Bayside Council climate emergency declaration (w/ Bayside Climate Crisis Action Group)

3/12/19 Carlton VIC – Councils Beyond Gas forum (w/ Enhar)

20/11/19 University of Melbourne – Hot water heat pumps (w/ Renew)

20/11/19 Ballarat VIC – Improving home energy performance (w/ BREAZE)

27/10/19 Bendigo VIC – Sustainable House Day (w/ Bendigo Sustainability Group)

13/10/19 Drumborg VIC – Improving home energy performance, and the problems with gas (w/ Gasfield Free West Victoria)

21/6/19 Canberra ACT ABC Radio 666 – The all-electric home (w/ Light House Architecture and Science)