Formerly, I worked as a chemical engineer in industry. Home energy improvement was just a hobby.

Then, twelve years ago, I became a qualified home energy advisor. I have now advised in over 1,000 homes. I serve the Melbourne area primarily, and elsewhere in Victoria by special arrangement.

My advice and experience was recently recommended by the energy company AGL to their 800,000 customers.

With the University of Melbourne, I researched home energy economics. This featured in The Age Domain, the Herald Sun, on Channel 9 television, and on ABC radio in Victoria and interstate.

I have published many articles on the Conversation, Renew Magazine, the Fifth Estate, and elsewhere.

I am a public speaker and often present to community groups.

I have advised energy companies, local councils, the Victorian state government, and have presented to the Victorian Parliament about home energy opportunities.

To help even more people improve their homes, I created and continue to administer the rapidly-growing Facebook group “My Efficient Electric Home”, which now has over 120,000 members.

As a result of what I have learned and practiced over many years, today I am one of Melbourne’s top home energy and comfort experts.

Further, I have been qualified by the Victorian Government to assess homes using the Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard.